B-300 Pergola


Convertible roof under the sky

The B-300 pergola is featuring a living room with clean lines, and its foldable top is waterproof PVC awning or acrylic fabric (AREA +) awning that can be partially or fully pulled out to control the amount of incident light. In opened state the roof provides full sun protection. For the perfect drainage, the four hidden gutters and the drainpipes hidden in the columns are responsible.

The comfort of the pergola can optionally be improved by the use of built-in vertical shading blinds, ie: zip screens that protect against the sun, wind and against the rain’s uncomfortable effects. The result is an interior and exterior area, that is comfortable enough for relaxation and leisure in the middle of the season. Opening the roof makes the living room clear. The smart roof structure drains the water indirectly, so the B-300 can be attached to the facade.

max sizes:

1 roof element with 4 legs L7m x W4m
2 roof elements with 4 legs L7m x W7m


waterproof canvas
acrylic fabric in 4 colors


PVC fabric in the folded position is protected by a protective roof to prevent partial fading


optimum sunshine – the canvas is fully removable

the roof can be stopped in every position

closed roof


ZIP screens installed in frame