Why us?

With your decision you not only buy a product. You are investing for the long term. Expanding the family – the pergola is not an object, but a new family member, like a car. It expands your apartment and creates a new living space. Extend the season and you can enjoy life on your terrace. It insulates itself from the inconvenience of the sun, wind and rain.

You are not buying but investing. We wish you to choose your product and team according to this. With whom you are happy to work with bisides the guarantee and at the right quality.


All of our PROBLEMS:

Because you must have faced the recurring problems below – and to this only a high-quality, storm-proof, underbelly, underbelly pergola can provide a lasting, demanding, realistic solution.

  1. THE WIND BLOWS. It became more common, that the stormy winds can also damage more serious structures. Anything can be closed with wind sensors or manually, but in our experience, errors often slip into the calculation. It’s too macabre to always be on the lookout. The sun is on fire and the wind is blowing – the shadow should also be drawn. It is raining and the wind is blowing – but if we were to use the terrace – the roof would have to be pulled. A strong wind blows from the side, blowing the foam off the coffee – there should be side wind protection, but no idea.
  2. The sun is fireing. It’s hot summer. During non-bioclimatic roofing solutions, the air boils and there is no ventilation. There is the so-called. sauna or radiant heat effect and the air is scorching even in the shade. It’s the “You can roast here!” feeling. It is made of powder-coated aluminum to prevent UV damage, regular staining, or rust
  3. IT IS DARK – The sun doesn’t shine, though it would be good. It’s spring and it’s autumn. We thirst for the sun and the light. Unfortunately, our fixed blind does not let in the light, and the sun. The kitchen and living room are dark.
  4. It’s raining. But it’s good wether. I’d stay on the terrace, but we would bathe here and there. Precipitation is not solved. The pulled out sunshade splits; Rain from the side – let’s go in then …

Let’s see at what SOLUTIONS the BRUSTOR bioclimatic pergola can do for each component?

The ROOF can be rotated or pulled away alulamella roof structure

  • The sun is on fire – I close the laminaes and enjoy the shade – and Istay on the terrace.
  • When it rains – I close the lamineas and enjoy the water and I stay on the terrace.
  • When the air boils – I open the lamineas and ventilate shielded and I stay on the terrace.
  • If I’m thirsty for the sun – I open the lamineas or pull off the roof and I stay on the terrace or enjoy the light in the building.


THE STRUCURE – powder-coated, stable, high-quality, design aluminum

  • If I get bored of annual painting – I choose a UV resistant surface from standard colors or from the RAL color scheme.
  • If there it’s enough of storm damage – I choose a guaranteed windproof structure.



  • If the sun shines from the side, I pull off the shade – and stay on the terrace.
  • If the side wind disturbs, I pull down the sun shade and stay on the terrace.
  • If neighbors is watching me – I’ll pull down the side shade and stay on the terrace.
  • If mosquitoes attack, I lower the side shade and even I can wrap around the pergola with breathable screens and I stay on the terrace.
  • When the rain falls from the side and there is nowhere to contract – I lower the sun shade – and stay on the terrace.

And why is the Brustor pergola smart pergola?

Comfort, security, automation.

When it rains, the roof closes automatically. When a stormy wind rises, the sun shades automatically pull themselves into the protected position. Of course, we really appreciate these features when we are away from home, as pergola does its job anyway.

Smart home, smartpergola: The Brustor smartpergola can be easily integrated into your home’s home automation system, which can be operated from a smartphone or tablet.

The Brustor smartpergola is the future’s pergola and the „FUTURE’S SHADOW”.



The products are manufactured in Brustor, Belgium at a world-class level. Brustor has been at the forefront of shade technology since 1965, has been the innovator of many patents, unique engineering solutions and is currently exporting to 35 countries worldwide.

In Hungary, our company, is the Brustor Magyarország Ltd. The factory is official and exclusive trading and construction partner of the factory.


Why us?

Our team is delivering value to its customers in this distinguished factory position

How does this manifest itself? The question is right

No pointing to each other, bringing in a subcontractor and outsourcing. From the first contact with the customer to the execution, our company keeps the processes in one hand – accordingly, we can take 100% immediate responsibility for every step:

  • personalized offers and consultancy
  • full focus: our company deals exclusively with Brustor pergolas, we are experts in this narrow segment
  • customer-friendly flexibility: non-stop telephone service and individual opening hours
  • brainstorming and planning with architects
  • close cooperation with contractors
  • personal contact with the client, meeting in the showroom
  • site survey, making visualization, contract
  • ordering, shipping, on-site preparation
  • professional, nationwide craftsmanship with your own team
  • sustainable operation with project and human resources liability insurance
  • an international guarantee in accordance with EU law

While performing the tasks listed above, we strive to find the best solution for each of our clients.

This can even happen on the design table. In this case, we are involved in the buildings and design phase of the outdoor spaces. In this phase, we can more freely plan for preparations such as: rainwater drainage or various cantilever connections or fixings.

On the other hand, it is also typical that ideas and needs are formulated in order to make the already existing building and terrace livelier. In such cases, however, the venue’s characteristics are not always ideal.

In this case, we need creative and safe solutions that we are proud of. Our expert team does not scares away from custom designs, special nodes – which may not be standard solutions.

Based on feedback from our customers, this is one of our strengths. Please see our international reference photos, our, Hungarian reference photos.

This completeness is the basis for a premium product from BRUSTOR to reach our customers with premium service. In our eyes, you are not a buyer but an investor.